JTL Equipment is a well established plant and equipment company with more than a decade in civil works, landscaped rehabilitations, road construction, mining works, building and agricultural works, platforms, hard standings, bulk earthworks, restoration and reclamation works.

We are well vested in plant and equipment for hire or dam construction, road construction, road rehabilitation and maintenance, open cast mining, earth moving, environmental pit fills, environmental rehabilitation, reclamation and restoration and as well as agricultural activities such as bush clearing, fire guards and irrigation trenching.

Our core business is in the Civil Engineering, Building and Mining Contracting fields.

JTL keeps developing its manpower, equipment and technical expertise constantly and the experience acquired over the years gives us a broad spectrum platform to cater for any job or challenge.

The company owns approximately 30 pieces of earthmoving plant and 15 trucks.


Trevor Oldknow
Managing Director

Michael Craft
Operations Manager

Charleen Eastland
Admin Manager

Stella Goremusandu

Jacques Van Wyk
Workshop Manager

Charles Kawara
Workshop Admin

Christopher Mujeri
Accounts Clerk

Rodney Bowen
Site Manager

Gary Cable
Site Manager

Forward Jenyu
Site Manager

Wonder Chipinga
Procurement & Spares

Benjamin Marongwe
HR/Data Capture


The following consultants have a combined experience of over 100 years work in Civil Engineering, Building and Mining Contracting fields and have been used, as required, to ensure all work is professionally and competently undertaken in their different areas of expertise.

P.J. Bradnick RNID (Survey); RND (Survey) Commercial

K.D.Arrand B.Sc. M.Sc Quantity Surveyor, Estimator

I.P.Izzett ITESSA, RNTD (Civil)


To provide an efficient, cost effective service to our clients locally and regionally embracing honesty, integrity and transparency. This includes the provision of qualified and experienced civils and operational personnel utilizing up to date plant and equipment.


Our service consists of a dynamic and competent Head Office, recruiting professional and experienced consultants, and workshop facilities that can handle operations from simple repairs and servicing right through to the complete rehabilitation and rebuild of plant and equipment.


JTL is committed to conduct all business in a responsible manner in order to protect our employees, the public and the environment in which we work. Our Safety, Health and Environmental (S.H.E.) Policy remains an integral part of all our business activities. All JTL employees, managers and sub-contractors are responsible to provide a safe and healthy environment in which to work and protect our visitors and the communities in which we operate. We must meet all applicable S.H.E. laws and regulations in all our business activities.

JTL operates on a strong green policy. Our emphasis is on environmental protection and reclamation. To strike a balance with nature, there is a constant need for reclamation and rehabilitation of our past mistakes and wanton destruction of the environment. Our eco-system took thousands of years to strike a balance with flaura and fauna. The removal of one of these elements in a well equated balance creates a void which can take thousands of years to repair. We have many deserts in Africa to prove this point. Our acceleration to desertification has been given more  impetus by energy challenges faced across the continent with Zimbabwe not being spared.

We fully support developmental concepts for sustainable management and development of local communities with a strong bias on the preservation and protection of our flaura and fauna, in line with the Environmental Management Act which oversees the sustainable management of natural resources and protection of the environment. The balance between man and nature has floundered with each passing year. The level of destruction of the ecological system to sustain man’s major never ending survival requirements remains our greatest challenge.


Our company policy adheres to strict safety compliance and environmental friendly operations. Extensive safety programs and a safe working environment is the backbone of our operational policy. We pride ourselves with a 100% safety record.

JTL Equipment has developed its manpower both technical and administrative to give it a leading edge in service delivery, down time management, repairs and maintenance of its fully equipped fleet.